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Yoni Healing

Yoni Healing, Cleansing, Awakening and Rebirthing

Yoniverse offers a variety of products: private and group circles,  practicum, study and circle modules and gatherings we call: WOMB’N. Here, we weave sacred processes of healing and integrating of womb and yoni energy. Inquire about “yoni and womb healing”: private and group rituals. Learn why these are necesary and important individually and collectively.

Yoni and womb rituals are  done by women.. trained, experienced certified women, for women. In our evolved circles, men who have been studying with us and are deemed trained, balanced, prepared and in-tune with the sacred path may be present and witness womb and yoni healing rituals. They may be deemed ready to hold space for the rituals. There is a  great emphasis on integrity. We include men because it is time in our evolution to educate men and raise their consciousness. Alienating them defeats the purpose. By witnessing, they may be able to offer them to their partners, but never offered for exchanges of money to the public.  We do not believe in monetizing yoni healings nor Goddess orgasms. We are not pimps nor do we wish to empower pimping of the yoni. This has gone on for centuries. Throughout history women have been penetrated by other people,  their agendas or programs, body parts and objects. Therefore the world of yoni and womb healings, awakenings and rebirthing is a world that is be revealed by trained midwives with the utmost integrity, authenticity and humility. We are not driven by monetary gains. Monetary gain has been corrupted and balance lost to all civilizations. Prosperity and abundance is not synonymous with money. At this time yoni healings and money are kept separate). You may offer an exchange by making a donating to a charity or by contributing to a gathering or writing a testimonial.

Lifetimes of stories, religions, stories, myths, laws, pain, joy, sorrow, memories and experiences are lodged in the womb and the layers of tissues and flesh of the yoni. Through a series of methods and practices, we women can reconnect, embrace, heal, awaken and channel our yoni energy and connect it with energy circuits throughout their bodies, and source energies around us. These are practices and daily meditations that take commitment and spiritual devotion.

A yoni and womb ritual is not just a single session or workshop, it is a life of commitment to feeding your yoni, body and soul with deeper source meaning, presence and purpose. And  this entails sharing a woman’s source energy in our circles and offering work in these women’s weaves over time so that our powers, strengths, and gifts can be birthed, witnessed and cultivated and weaved together!

A yoni/womb initiate is someone on this sacred journey of devotion for life. This is her life’s purpose. Join us,  in the  Yoniverse.

When ready, we as women are initiated and certified to share this wisdom with others.  There are vows of ethics and  integrity that are accepted by women so they are not tempted to exploit our powers. We offer supervision for at least 30 cases of  varying intensity after your inititation. We have vows to uphold in the WOMB’N tradition.

If you have experienced your first yoni/womb ritual and are considering studying as a yoni initiate, you are encouraged to inquire and request a private consultation to discuss why you feel called to do this and what kind of commitment you want to make.

Once an initiate has attained a certain level, she may be deemed officially initiated and ready to support other women in a similar manner. She can be initiated as a yoni/womb midwife. This is advanced work aspiring to learn and commiting to practices and methods . Midwives are trained to heal and rebirth our wombs and our  visions. Womb and yoni work is the most crucial of women’s health and wellness, mentally, physically and spiritually. We encourage women to have annual rituals. As we progress through various phases of life and experiences, we need to cleanse, purify and reconnect. We have physicals, regular dental cleanings, our cars our serviced ever 3000 miles, we clean our houses weekly and have garage sales and spring cleanings. We even feng shui our homes. Why would we not cleanse the place we all come from and where the source of all life comes from?

Contact us and  learn more at our next WOMB’N or about private sessions.

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