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Mission Statement

This is the mission statement for the:

Yoniverse, Enlightened Sexuality, WOMB’N & all Visionary Midwives Productions:

We  agree to:

Revisit all sexual constructs and replace outdated unevolved suppressed, oppressed, pejorative, perverted, violent, undervalued, ways of perceiving and behaving sexually and sensually

Redefine womyn’s embodiment, sexual anatomy and function in relation to mind body spirit integration model

Create sacred sexual rites of passages and standards for womb, yoni and heart healings and awakenings and bestow wisdom, honor and reverence to womyn’s bodies, their wombs and yonis and redefine sexual energy and sexual self esteem

Give girls and womyn guidance and to accept the awesome power of sexual energy

Bestow a sense of honor and henceforth accept our power as healers, guides, and role models of enlightened sexuality

View boys and men as our allies, co~contributers and collaborators and in great need for reconstruction and integration of enlightened sexuality for their sexual esteem and identity and for their intimate relations with women

Celebrate gender fluidity as forms of energy expressing consciousness

Cultivate co~creation and collaboration to unify, be effective and far reaching effects

Tie the Yoniverse to global issues and raise awareness: especially working to eradicate FGM and sex trafficing and targeting educational projects that help boys/girls and women’s individual rights and our collective psyche and reeducating and healing men

Having developed enlightened sexuality modules, encouraging parents to educate and re-educate thier children and teens about enlightened sexuality

And so offer the annual Yoniverse Summit focusing on our work in a chosen area of sexuality nationally and internationally with panel discussions, guest speakers, workshops, seminars, spoken word, rituals, fundraisers,  media presentations, art and music and philanthropy for various international causes